My name is Terence Williams. I have been working on houses going on 4 years now. Although that may not seem like much time, I assure you my experience outweighs the time. A few of my greatest projects include:

-transforming a closet into a 3 stall shower
-transforming a closet into a barber salon
-painting a high school gymnasium.

All these projects along with 20+ home renovations have all received 5-star ratings.

My ambition for working on houses all started when I was a manager at a grocery store, and a gentleman came through town looking for some work to take care of his family. I had a very old family home that was abandoned. To cut the cost of the renovations, he allowed me to work alongside him. He taught me the bulk of what I know today: framing, running electricity, plumbing and so much more. I later decided to get licensed, bonded and insured.

For the future of my business, I plan to start mentoring to younger students. I want these students to shadow me as a way to later earn certifications and trades in the business. I also want to be able to help college students earn income while in school. Overall, I want to give back to the community with the same opportunities as I was given.